From the Beginning

Through all the changing socio-political scenes of Nigeria, Broadcasting has witnessed various changes. There have been changes in ownership. It has changed from being the exclusive preserve of Federal/Central Government to a concurrent ownership by the Federal and State Governments. This change came in 1956. And by 1991, the Babangida Military Government has allowed private ownership of Broadcasting.

Something unique also about Broadcasting in Nigeria is that it has always been competitive and commercial. Both the changing ownership and the commercial nature influenced the programming content of the stations.

Another aspect that witnessed changes was the quality of staff. In the early days, the emphasis was on good microphone voice and photogenic face. Because of this, the early broadcasters had only Cambridge School Certificate. However, the audiences became more sophisticated, better educated, more widely travelled and better exposed, there was need to intellectualise broadcasting and place more emphasis on “to educate and inform”. The consequence of this was the recruitment of more graduates and diploma holders.

Of course, there was also the politicisation of the Broadcasting process by the various Governments and even the private owners.

It has been a long process of change from 1952 for Radio and 1959 for Television.

But this is 2019. And the time has come to report, comment and assess Broadcasting within the international context. It is time to report Nigerian broadcasting to the world and vice versa. And this is what this magazine will do. Sometimes it will examine how we got here. Sometimes, it will examine who got us here. Sometimes it will examine and report on contemporary events. Some other times, it will take a look at the contemporary drivers of the current scene, both on the screen and behind the screen. Sometimes, it will report on the associated film, theatre and music fields. It will look at the mainstream stations, as well as campus, community and online networks.

The magazine will be both online and in hardcopy.

So you are most welcome to a magazine that treats this most exciting field of Nigerian Broadcasting.

Vision: Blending the acquired ethics of broadcasting from past to present to produce a vibrant industry, a world class cynosure of all eyes and ears.

Mission: Getting all hands on deck to reposition broadcasting to take its place of pride where it all started from in Africa, a shop window for the whole world.


Dr. Yemi Farounbi (Executive Chairman)

Clement Ige (Publisher/CEO)

Soji Ajibade (Managing Editor)

Dr. Muyiwa Awotunsin (USA)

Dr. Titus Ale

Olayiwola Adepoju (ICT/Webmaster)