Radio Broadcasting was introduced into Nigeria in 1933 by the Colonial Government, and was initially named the Radio Diffusion Service (RDS).

The RDS allowed the public to hear the British Broadcasting Corporation’s foreign radio service broadcasts in certain public locations over loudspeakers.

In April 1950, the RDS became the Nigerian Broadcasting Service and introduced radio stations in Lagos, Kaduna, Enugu, Ibadan, and Kano. This service was reorganized into the Nigerian Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) on April 1, 1957, by act of parliament.

Its mission was to “provide, as a public service, independent and impartial broadcasting services”. By 1962 the NBC had expanded its broadcast stations into Sokoto, Maiduguri, Ilorin, Zaria, Jos, and Katsina in the north; Port Harcourt, Calabar, and Onitsha in the East; and Abeokuta, Warri, and Ijebu-Ode in the West. Each of these stations was considered a subsidiary station of a regional station. The subsidiary stations broadcast local interest programs during part of the day, and then relayed programming from their regional station during the rest of the broadcast day. National programs were broadcast from two shortwave transmitters and one medium wave transmitter located in Sogunle, near Lagos.

FRCN’s medium wave service, Radio Nigeria, has radio stations located throughout the country, and considers itself to have the largest radio network in Africa. In 2007, FRCN began introducing FM transmitters in some locations, and plans to begin upgrading and modernizing its shortwave and medium wave transmitters in the coming years.

Below are the radio stations operated by Federal Radio Cooperation of Nigeria;

KAPITAL FM 92.9 – Abuja

RADIO ONE FM 103.5 – Lagos

GLOBE FM 98.5 – Bauchi

SUPREME FM 96.1 – Kaduna

POWER FM 100.5 – Bida, Niger State

METRO FM 97.7 – Lagos

PEACE FM 102.5 – Maiduguri

PYRAMID FM 103.5 – Kano   

BOND FM 92.9 – Lagos  

SUNSHINE FM 88.1 – Potiskum

COMPANION FM 104.5 – Katsina  

JEWEL FM 103.5 – Gombe

HORIZON FM 100.50 – Dutse  

GIFT FM 104.5 – Jalingo

PRIDE FM 103.5 – Gusau    

FOMBINA FM 101.5 – Yola

HAUSA SERVICE 594 – Kaduna   (Gashua FM)

KARAMA FM 92.1 – Kaduna   

ROYAL FM 101.5 – Sokoto  

EQUITY FM 103.5 – Birnin Kebbi

PRECIOUS FM 102.5 – Lafia

PREMIER FM 93.5 – Ibadan

COAL CITY FM 92.9 – Enugu

CANAAN CITY FM 99.5 – Calabar

HARVEST FM 103.5 – Makurdi

PROGRESS FM 100.5 – Ado Ekiti


BRONZE FM 101.5 – Benin

HIGHLAND FM 11.5 – Jos

GOLD FM 95.5 – Ilesha, Osun

PURITY FM 102.5 – Awka

CREEK FM 106.5 – Yenagoa  

HARMONY FM 103 – Ilorin

PARAMOUNT FM 94.5 – Abeokuta

PACESETTER FM 103.5 – Umuahia

ATLANTIC FM 104.5 – Uyo  

PRIME FM 101.5 – Lokoja  

POSITIVE FM 102.5 – Akure

UNITY FM 101.5 – Abakaliki

TREASURE FM 98.5 – Port-Harcourt 

OGO ILU FM 89.3 – Oko

VOICE FM 96.7 – Nsukka

CHARITY FM 104.4 – Asaba  

 AMULUDUN FM 99.1 – Ibadan  

 ASABARI SAKI FM 88.3 – Oyo    

Notably, FRCN is the largest broadcasting organization in Africa.