Nollywood actor cum director, Tope Adebayo, has claimed that the roles of movie directors supersede that of stars in the film industry.

The movie star, the director of the Yoruba epic Netflix movie ‘Jagun Jagun’, made this known in a recent  interview.

He said the impact of directors on film projects cannot be overlooked, given the critical role they play in bringing a film to life.

The thespian stressed that movie lovers and audiences always give all accolades to the actors, neglecting directors who do most of the job for the film’s overall success.

He said, “Actors should worship directors because the director’s work supersedes the others. Actors work, but when talking about who works more it is the director. We don’t know how God did it because it happens like that abroad as well but is common in Nigeria.

They (viewers) will totally forget about the director. The audience always forgets that there is someone putting it together. The actors and directors jobs on set are not equal. Actors will come, play their part and leave but the director has to be on standby from start to finish because if he doesn’t, the film will be a mess.

For instance, in Jagun Jagun, every acting is in the director’s head because he directs all movements on set so what he has in his mind is much more than that of the actors.”