Nollywood actress,  Iheme Nancy  has revealed that she is ready to sacrifice herself if doing that will make Nigeria great again.

The film maker stated that she will gladly offer up her life if it will make Nigeria a better country again.

“If sacrificing a virgin will make Nigeria great again, then I’m ready to offer myself I try abiii”

The brand influencer also revealed how people revisit her past more than she does.

“Some people visit my past more than I do. I don’t live there anymore baby, I sold the whole building”

“Of course, not too many actors are enchanted with the workings and going-ons in the movie industry as there are dark sides of it.

“Everything in this life has its good and bad sides, so if one is in Nollywood for the passion, he /she would learn to enjoy the good sides and endure the bad sides. What might be a bad side to me might be a good side to another person. We all have our different challenges. This bad side I’m talking about is often times so personal and is not what the world would love to hear.”