Popular disc jockey, Florence Otedola, better known as DJ Cuppy, has revealed how her life has gone through its ‘ups and downs’ despite coming from a privileged background.

She made this known while speaking at the Wimbiz London Conference, where she told the audience about her breakup with her fiancé, Ryan Taylor, her failed jewelry business, and her struggle with her academic pursuits at one of the world’s best universities, Oxford, in the United Kingdom.

She, however, said she was okay with the ‘uncertainty’ of life as more and better days lie ahead for her.

Her words: Failure is inevitable. We will all have failures in our personal lives and in our professional lives.

“Now I can stand here and tell you how unpredictable my life has been despite being from a privileged background. Whether it’s my failed jewelry line, which I did at 28 years old, or going to the University of Oxford at 29 and almost failing class.

“Last year, I got engaged, and I’m no longer engaged, but such is life, and I know my story is still happening; there’s more to come, and I’m okay with the uncertainty.”