Eedris Abdulkareem, the ace Nigerian singer, has described his senior colleague Charly Boy as “a man who lacks integrity”.

Eedris, in a snippet of an unreleased episode of the Honest Bunch podcast, appeared to be speaking about his age-long rift with 50 Cent, before Charly Boy got involved.

The US rapper had visited Nigeria in 2004 alongside his crew for a four-city concert tagged ‘Star Mega Jams’.

But the event was marred with heated controversies after Eedris and 50 Cent fell out over a deal — a development that eventually forced the US rapper and his team out of Nigeria.

It will be recalled that Charly Boy had previously described Eedris as an “ungrateful son,” claiming that he played a pivotal role at the time as the president of the Performing Musicians Association of Nigeria (PMAN).

In an interview with the Honest Bunch podcast, Charly Boy said he received a distress call from Eedris, who claimed that 50 Cent’s associates assaulted him at the Lagos airport after a dispute over seating in the first-class section.

He said he mobilised “3,000 bikers” to the airport to confront 50 Cent for allegedly intimidating Eedris.

But during a snippet of the latest episode of the podcast, Eedris referred to Charly Boy as someone who “lacks integrity” especially when it comes to matters regarding “money”.

The ‘Jaga Jaga’ hitmaker also claimed that Charly Boy sold him out — referring to the 50 Cent incident.

“Charly boy is not any person if integrity, especially when it comes to money. He sold me out,” he said.

Eedris previously alleged that Charly Boy “sold him out” and collected the sum of N70 million to blackmail him.

“You collected N70 million from Nigerian breweries to blackmail me, you also collected the evidence of the attack by 50 Cent and Gunit from DJ Tee who recorded everything that happened in the plane on that faithful day,” he said.