In the other room of Nigeria’s politics, where whispers often precede storms, Adebayo Adelabu finds himself battling through the tempest of speculations. As Minister of Power, his tenure has been shadowed by persistent rumours of impending dismissal due to perceived underperformance. But has the narrative changed?

The Ministry of Power has long been plagued by systemic challenges, with inadequate infrastructure, distribution inefficiencies, and rampant corruption casting a shadow over its operations. Adelabu inherited a formidable task upon assuming office, tasked with untangling the web of complexities that have long hindered progress in the sector. But he has not been doing very well.

Following this, rumours abound about Adelabu’s purported dismissal, fuelled by whispers of dissatisfaction with his stewardship of the ministry. President Bola Tinubu, it is said, watches closely, his patience wearing thin as the nation grapples with persistent power outages and dwindling public confidence.

Reportedly, Adelabu acknowledges the challenges within his ministry and has embarked on a relentless pursuit of solutions, rallying his team in pursuit of a shared vision of progress. From implementing measures to curb distribution inefficiencies to cracking down on corruption within the sector, Adelabu is allegedly leaving no stone unturned in his quest to restore confidence in the nation’s power infrastructure.

Yet, for all his efforts, the road ahead remains fraught with challenges. The task of overhauling a sector as vast and complex as energy requires time, patience, and unwavering dedication. But until change comes, Adelabu finds himself perpetually walking a tightrope, and wearing allegations of poor performance and rumours of imminent sacking.

In this unfolding saga of Nigeria’s power struggle, grey hairs will surely drown Adelabu’s head. But one thing remains clear at present: President Tinubu is not so fed up with Adelabu to think about firing him. So that clears up the rumours of the minister’s expulsion from office nicely.