Nigerian youths are mobilizing and preparing to stage a mass protest across the country, expressing their grievances and dissatisfaction with the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC).

The nationwide protest is intended to condemn the EFCC’s alleged unprofessional behavior and demand a comprehensive reform to address its perceived failings and excesses.

The protest has been initiated by Pidom Nigeria, an investigative journalist, who made the announcement on X (formerly Twitter) and is now mobilizing Nigerians to join the demonstration.

According to the journalist, the protest will hold on Friday, 5th of July at all EFCC zonal commands.

Pidom Nigeria wrote, “Nationwide protest against EFCC. Let’s do a Kenya on them. Millennials and Gen Z will lead this protest. Enough is Enough.

“The nationwide Reform EFCC #ReformEFCC protest will be organic, peaceful, and will hold simultaneously across the nation.

“A minimum of 100 millennials and Gen Z, are expected to storm EFCC’S corporate headquarters in Abuja, and all her zonal commands across Nigeria peacefully to submit their protest letters, and call for the much needed reforms, highlighting the unprofessional conducts of some EFCC operatives, and their flagrant violation of our fundamental human rights.

“Protesters shall display a mixture of different protest placards stating the various atrocities EFCC operatives are commiting across Nigeria, with suggestions of a reform process.

“Some will display placards with different write-ups, stating the reform we as ordinary Nigerians recommend for the Agency, or things we want them to do freely, if they must gain our trust, respect and support once again. It will be a very peaceful protest, and protesters are expected to be addressed by a senior operative of the command after they must have submitted their protest letters.

“Protest will last between 2-4 hours at the EFCC’S corporate headquarters and all zonal commands, holding simultaneously nationwide.

“The protest will hold on Friday, the 5th of July, 2024. Time is 11am to 3pm. Venue: in front of EFCC corporate headquarters, and all zonal commands in Nigeria.

“We shall demand for the reform of EFCC peacefully.

“They should respect the fundamental and constitutional rights of all Nigerians, especially youths.

“They should stop assaulting innocent Nigerians. Invading homes, hotels and night clubs like armed robbers in the middle of the night, destroying and stealing properties

“EFCC should be more professional in their fight against cybercrimes and other forms of criminalities, by singling out their suspects, after due diligence and proper investigation, so they can go after them with watertight evidence and court order, without assaulting innocent people, or endangering anyone. just like the FBI operates.

“We are calling for the reform of EFCC, because anyone could be a victim of their unlawful arrest, and flagrant abuse of human right”.