The Director General Ekiti State  Bureau Tourism Development Amb  Wale Ojo-Lanre, Esq, has commended the initiative undertaken by the Federal Ministry of Tourism through its Eco Genesis Incubator Programme.

In a  release made available to the media yesterday and signed by Mr. Peculiar Ekiran,  Amb Ojo-Lanre described this pioneering initiative as aims to empower tourism entrepreneurs, fostering skill development and economic empowerment within tourist host communities as one of the most proactive, practical, and sustainable pro-rural programs ever emanated from the public tourism sector

He pointed out that The Eco Genesis Incubator Programme, spearheaded by Mrs Lola Ade -, Minister of Tourism in collaboration with the National Institute of Tourism, NIHOTOUR, represents a significant step towards harnessing the vast potential of tourism as a catalyst for economic growth and poverty alleviation.

Amb Ojo Lanre said that by focusing on nurturing entrepreneurship skills within tourism, this initiative is poised to unlock countless opportunities for individuals residing in tourist-centric regions.

Ojo-Lanre emphasized the transformative impact that the program is expected to have, stating that it will play a pivotal role in sharpening occupational skills among participants. ‘ ‘ ‘Furthermore, by leveraging the inherent tourist attractions present in host communities, the program has the potential to uplift numerous individuals and families out of poverty’

Amb Ojo-Lanre affirmed that as Ekiti State continues to position itself as a prime destination for tourism, initiatives like the EcoGenesis Incubator Programme serve as invaluable tools for driving sustainable development and prosperity within the region.

Ojo-Lanre expressed his full support for the program and pledged to collaborate closely with the Federal Ministry of Tourism to ensure its successful implementation in Ekiti State.

‘ The Ekiti DG Bureau of Tourism extends its gratitude to Mrs Lola Ade John,  Minister of Tourism, and AlhajiNuraKangiwa, DG, NIHOTOUR,  for their unwavering commitment to promoting entrepreneurship and fostering economic growth within the tourism sector.

 Together, through collaborative efforts and innovative initiatives, we can unlock the full potential of tourism as a force for positive change and prosperity.’