Veteran Nollywood actor, Emeka Ike has made another revelation of how he took care of his ex-wife financially during her time in higher institution of learning.

He disclosed in a recent interview how false accusations of domestic violence led to the loss of his property and access to his children.

The talented role interpreter revealed that he returned from a business trip abroad to find out that his school, worth millions of naira had been closed down.

He claimed that when the report of alleged assault on his wife became viral, he asked her but she denied it, saying he was unaware that she was the one behind the news.

Emeka claimed that his marital drama led him into depression, which drove him to hide from the spotlight because he was ashamed.

In a widely circulated video, the actor shared the story of educating his wife to university, constructing homes for both of them, transforming her life, and even letting her use his cars. 

Sadly, he expressed deep sorrow over loving a woman who didn’t reciprocate his feelings.

He said: “I trained my wife in the University, I built a house for her, I built for her mother, I changed her life, I gave her my cars to drive anyone she wanted as a rich man’s wife but what did I get in return? I loved who did not love me.”

Reacting to the actor’s claim, Suzanne Emma, the ex-wife of Emeka Ike, has revealed that all that her ex-husband said in a recent interview about her and their marriage are nothing but lies.

She opened up old wounds as she spoke on the alleged abuse she endured during her marriage to him.

Suzanne revealed that there were instances when the actor physically harmed her and in her vulnerable state, blamed her for the ongoing abuse.

Suzanne also accused Emeka Ike of mistreating her when one of their children was hospitalised, accusing her of having an affair with individuals below her social status.

She claimed that her side of the story would be a shock to her ex-husband, who is confident that she would never come forward to reveal what went wrong in their marriage.

It would be recalled that in 2015, Suzanne Emma approached the Lagos Island Customary Court, seeking the dissolution of their marriage, citing allegations of physical and verbal abuse throughout their union.

The 17-year-old marriage produced four children.