A coalition of Federal Lawmakers known as the G60 have likened the call for the impeachment of Rivers State Governor, Siminalayi Fubara, to roasting fish beneath a fuel tanker.

The group said the move was as ridiculous, laughable, unconstitutional and nonsensical invitation to anarchy by 27 sacked lawmakers who ceased to be members of the State Assembly after their illegal decamping and declaration of their seat vacant.

In retrospect, the Rivers State chapter of the All Progressives Congress (APC) yesterday ordered its members in the state House of Assembly to commence the impeachment process against Governor Siminalayi Fubara APC’s impeachment call is coming barely 24 hours after Governor Fubara said the House of Assembly led by sacked Speaker, Rt Hon Martin Amaewhule, is not recognised by law.

Reacting to the impeachment call, the Federal Lawmakers in a statement by its spokesperson, Hon. Ikenga Imo Ugochinyere noted that it’s political madness and legislative rascality, to ask House of Assembly members that do not exist before the eyes of the law to start the impeachment process against Gov. Fubara.According to him, as long as the law is concerned, those 27 members of the rivers state house of assembly are no more lawmakers.

Their seats have been declared vacant.He frowned at the ongoing crisis in the state, wondering why they were so focused on burning the state down because they were pursuing a selfish agenda, which is the state resources.

He urged the Governor of Rivers state to commence prosecution against the sacked lawmakers using the magistrate court to arraign them for impersonation to restore sanity.Ugochinyere hailed the governor for being focused and delivering on the democratic dividends for the Rivers people.

The statement reads, “They can go as usual as they do and sit in a two bedroom in Emohia or Abuja receive some little stipends and say they are impeaching the Governor.

The so-called laws they amended who have implemented it, governance is done on the basis of constitutionalism, your seat is vacant your supposed to go through an election.

Fubara’s government is focused and delivering on the democratic dividends for the Rivers people. Governance and democratic there’s nothing individualistic about it. It’s an institution, it’s people money.

“Nobody can pocket it, go and start your own business and spend your money the way you want. Nobody can say the only way to prove loyalty is bring the pulse of people and share, if someone says I cannot appropriate anyhow or share public funds and they say it’s disloyalty then the person that says that is stupid.

These people have been causing one trouble to another just to destabilize the Gov Fubara government. They are pursuing a selfish agenda, which is the state resources that they want to use for their personal gain.

“Because you are having political dispute, you want to burn down entire rivers? Other governors have governed and moved on. One person wants to burn down a state because of selfish reasons. The governor will remain in office.Let me advise the former lawmakers to go back and recon test election. I urge the governor to continue to give recognition to authentic members of the House of Assembly.

“The defected and sacked members don’t have the constitutional recognition to continue to perpetrate legislative rascality. They don’t have the recognition serve impeachment notice or change procurement laws.

They changed procurement law because governor awarded contract and paid almost 20 to 40%, and the contractors have moved to site.

They now want to move mobilization fee to 5% so that there won’t be development in that state. But that was the same law the immediate past administration and the one before them used. It’s only a fool that will implement that so-called amendment.

I urge the Governor of Rivers state to commence prosecution against these clowns using the magistrate court, arraign them for impersonation to restore sanity. Arrest them, and this madness will end.

“Meanwhile, Rivers State Governor, Siminalayi Fubara, stormed the Rivers State House of Assembly complex in Port Harcourt on Thursday, May 9, amid alleged plot by lawmakers to impeach him. This was revealed in a video posted on Instagram.The video shows Fubara and his entourage driving into the Assembly quarters.

The governor said he was there as the governor of the state. He, however, took a three-minute stroll around the grounds before leaving.