The World Institute for Peace has issued a seven-day ultimatum to the Federal Government on Saturday, requesting security forces to arrest and question Sheikh Ahmad Gumi to ascertain his involvement in the country’s insecurity.

In a statement issued in Osogbo on Saturday, the group’s chairman, Lamina Kamiludeen, questioned the Islamic scholar’s constant outbursts against the Nigerian military and other security officials whenever they take action against bandits and terrorists.

Sheikh Gumi has previously made contentious remarks concerning military actions against insurgency and banditry in the north.

On Wednesday, while speaking on “When will there be an end to Nigeria’s recurring abductions?” organized by Daily Trust via X space, Gumi stated, “To them (the military), they are fighting a war. Honestly, the military has been very hard on them; the Air Force is killing their families.”

Kamiludeen, who asked the Federal Government if he was above the law, said the cleric’s provocative words not only hindered security forces’ work but also emboldened perpetrators of the crime to continue posing security threats across the country.

The release further read, “His continuous criticism and condemnation of the efforts of the security forces send signals that Gumi may be among the sponsors of the insecurity in Nigeria. Nigerian security agents must take immediate action to question Sheikh Gumi regarding his involvement in the ongoing insecurity in the country.

“His actions constitute a threat to national security and must be addressed with urgency or is  Gumi  above the law? Action must be taken to prove that no one is above the law of the land.”