The Bible makes it clear that anyone who will walk with God must have faith in Him. The reason is because God’s way is completely different from man’s way. There’s usually a dimension of God that man wants to see. However, God in His magnanimity decides which of His dimensions He wants you to see.

One of the reasons man got frustrated in his walk with God is that God, many at times, will not come at the time man desires but rather, He comes in His own time. Frustration enters into the heart of man when the time he expects God lapses and he doesn’t see God. Usually, man will say that a delayed hope weakens the heart but to God, it is not a hope delayed, rather, it is a testimony undergoing a process.

Quite a number of people decided to stop serving God and look for help from the devil because they believed that their hope is delayed and God is too slow in His timing. If God decides to show man His process most especially when man thinks that his hope is delayed, man will tell God to take ‘His time’ and decides to wait. Because God wouldn’t show you His process, that’s why you need to relay on your faith that God is processing the best for you.

Many a people see God as magician, they want to ask God something now and they should see the answer now. If God functions like that, He wouldn’t be God. Everyone who walks with God, even closely, are still waiting on God on one thing or the other.

Faith means trusting God and waiting patiently on Him. Faith says that “what God can’t do doesn’t exist”. Lack of faith indicates that “though what God can’t do doesn’t exist but why is He not doing this”. Faith gives confidence, peace and joy even when our so called “hope” is delayed but lack of faith makes one to murmur, devastate and depress.

If you ever want anything from God, you must have faith that He’s able to do whatever you ask Him and that no matter the length of time, He’s coming with the best. Lack of faith is an arrow of the devil to stop what God is bringing for you. Walk in Faith and be faithful.