A student of Petroleum Chemistry at Baze University, Abuja, says she is the only person in her class. The student, Bumblebee in her post, explained what it feels like staying alone in a class. Bumblebee said she is the only one studying Petroleum Chemistry in her class.

 Bumblebee says she likes the course she is studying even though it is tough. She is currently in 400 level, but she says there are three other students in other levels, making it four students in the entire department.

The lady, who is alone in class, says she is happy Contrary to what people might think, Bumblebee said she is not lonely. Though the course is tasking, she explained that it is fun being alone. The student said there are no distractions and the teachers focus more on her because she is alone in the class. The downside, according to her, is that the teachers expect her to know and pass all the courses since she is the only one.