One of Nollywood’s highly respected actress, Shaffy Bello has shared her two cents on ‘What do women bring to the table” controversy.

The movie star, in an interview told ladies to stop questioning men when they ask them what they bring to the table.

Giving reasons, she stated that if she was a man, she wouldn’t want a liability.

Shaffy Bello added that women are more attractive to men when they don’t need them.

According to her, ladies shouldn’t be too needy, as it makes them less attractive.

I would tell the ladies, never tell a man, ‘Why are you asking me what do I bring to the table?’ I’m sorry, I’m not one of those; I think we both should ask ourselves, ‘What are we bringing to the table.’

If he’s bringing something to the table, you should bring something to the table. I don’t want to marry a liability if I was a man. As a matter of fact, you look more attractive that way. You can’t just be needy, that’s not attractive”