The feud in the family of the popular comedian, John Okafor, better known as Mr. Ibu is getting messier as a side has leaked an audio recording where the comedian purportedly admitted sleeping with Jasmine, his adopted daughter.

The wife of the comedian, Mrs Stella Maris Okafor, had previously opened up the feud when she took to her Instagram page on Sunday to allege that a stranger, referring to Jasmine, was in charge of the millions of naira contributed for the treatment of Mr. Ibu.

Those in support of Jasmine, notable among whom is the social media activist, VeryDarkMan, took up the gauntlet and threw a series of allegations against Mrs Ibu.

Among the allegations thrown against her was that she asked for a part of the money donated for Mr. Ibu’s treatment to buy iPhone 15 and do body enhancement.

Reacting to the allegations, Mrs. Ibu said she made no such demand and threw a counter allegation that Jasmine and Mr. Ibu’s second son are a couple and are planning to relocate abroad.

She said that was why she was not comfortable with her being in charge of the money contributed for the treatment of Mr. Ibu.

Mrs Ibu accused VeryDarkMan of allowing himself to be used by Jasmine, who, according to her, is planning to run outside the country to settle down with Mr. Ibu’s second son.

She dismissed claims that she asked for money for a phone and body enhancement, saying that no woman in her right mind would be concerned with those issues when her husband is lying down critically ill.

She said everything regurgitated by Very Dark Man was from old girl-to-girl conversations she had with Jasmine when she accepted her as the adopted daughter of her husband.

She said she had no idea she recorded the conversation to he released to people like VeryDarkMan.

In defence of Jasmine, VeryDarkMan has released voicenotes where Mr. Ibu seemed to suggest that he did not want to be left alone with his wife because he suspected she wanted to kill him. He asked for Jasmine to come to the hospital.

To take the battle a notch higher, the other seemed to have also released an audio recording of their own. The voice recording seemed to confirm the allegation that Stella Maris once made that Jasmine and Mr. Ibu are lovers and not father and daughter.

In the latest audio recording, a voice touted to be that of Mr. Ibu confirmed that he once dated and slept with the so-called adopted daughter, Jasmine.

He said he stopped when he caught her sleeping with his son.

The leaked audio recording published by blogger, Tosinsilverdam, captures the voice supposedly belonging to Mr Ibu and that of a woman, who appeared to be in a moving vehicle. They were in a conversation.

The recording portrayed Jasmine as a social climber who was desperate to get fame, riding on the popularity of Mr. Ibu.

The language of conversation was Igbo and the actor could be heard confirming that he slept with the lady (Jasmine) who later began getting famous online by styling herself as “Mr Ibu’s daughter”.

He also confirmed that his son slept with Jasmine, adding that he wouldn’t be touching her again since that happened.