Award-winning Nollywood actor and filmmaker, Kunle Afolayan, has stated that he didn’t expect that everyone would like his latest movie, Ijogbon (CHAOS).

Since its release, Ijogbon has generated mixed reactions from movie lovers and critics.

In a video posted on X on Wednesday, Afolayan stated that he didn’t expect the movie to be accepted by all.

He wrote: “The film is being seen, and the effort has been commended in a lot of ways. But then, look, I don’t expect that everybody will like it. It’s like any film. 

“There are different genres: some people like comedy, some people like drama, some people like thrillers, and some people like horror. So if your review is below average, it’s okay. And then, if you think it meets your standard and all of that, it’s all good.

“The thing is, at KAP Motion Pictures and Golden Effect, we don’t make films just to feel good or just to watch and feel happy. No, we make films for people who can think, and we make films where people take away something.

“For me, my primary motive for doing this film is to, one, give hope that this country, Nigeria, is our country, and we have to do everything within our capacity to make it worth our while.

“There will be challenges, but contribute to your own quota and see how far that will go, and the diamond is a metaphor. We all fight over oil, mineral resources, and a lot of other things, and this is really killing us. I think if we can put that aside and just reason, I think the country is going to be a better place.”

Ijogbon tells the tale of four adolescent friends, residing in the sleepy town of Oyo Oke whose lives turn unexpectedly when they stumble upon a mysterious treasure inside a porch containing diamonds, plunging them into a chaotic situation.