Nollywood actor Saidi Balogun, has officially debunked rumors circulating about his supposed illness and need for assistance.

These rumors emerged after an online video showed Saidi Balogun seated in a wheelchair, appearing to be in poor health, while a voiceover offered prayers for his well-being.

In his response, Saidi Balogun clarified that he is in excellent health and robust condition. He explained that the viral video was actually a scene from one of his recent film appearances. He expressed gratitude for the outpouring of love, calls, and prayers from well-wishers and emphatically stated that the rumors about his health are baseless.

Furthermore, Saidi Balogun encouraged all members of the association to unite in celebrating elderly actors in the industry. He also announced the upcoming release of a movie produced by Amb. Baba Kola Olaiya, titled “Baba70,” urging everyone to keep an eye out for it.