Nollywood actress, Iyabo Ojo has lamented over her challenges with Lagos State government.

In a lengthy post on her Instagram page, the movie star used herself as an example, of why many celebrities don’t speak out on issues in the country because of the consequences.

Iyabo noted how her support for Comedienne Princess’s foster daughter, and support for Labor Party and Peter Obi has cost her a lot.

She lamented over how she has to constantly pay all her business tax, mortgage tax, and loan tax; be the breadwinner of her family and pay the bills of over 30 people who depend on her.

To make it worse, since 2020, her business has been going through ups and downs, hence why she bought her house on a mortgage, yet her bills keep increasing.

Iyabo added that with the little she makes and the bills which are so overwhelming, she is unable to save.

She also expressed her frustration over the exorbitant amount of money that the Lagos state government is demanding from her in taxes.

This isn’t the first time she has voiced her concerns about this issue.

Back in June, Iyabo Ojo initially raised concerns about the hefty tax bill she received. She openly shared her financial predicament and pleaded that she couldn’t afford to pay the substantial sum. This drew sympathy from her followers and the general public. Fast forward a few months, and she is back on Instagram with more revelations.

Iyabo Ojo disclosed that the tax authorities had asked her to pay a staggering 18 million Naira.

What makes this situation even more challenging for her is that she is required to pay this amount over just three months. This is a daunting financial burden for anyone, even a celebrity like Iyabo, who has other financial responsibilities to manage.