Kabiru Yayo Alli: Ace Correspondent

When one is lucky to come across Journalists from Oyo State correspondents’ chapel, the unique posture of this gentleman of the press must catch your fancy.

KABIRU YAYO-ALLI is from Katsina, in Katsina State, Nigeria. He only had a stint of secondary education before he was employed by the NEW NIGERIA Newspaper as a freelancer for the weekly Hausa Publication GASIKIYA-TA-FI-KWABO in 1979, exactly 40 years ago.

His base was and has been Ibadan South-West Nigeria. Kabiru was always at the action spot any time, any day and this was how he developed his dexterity. Based on this and the number of good stories he was sending then, he was promoted to grade level Six on the salary scale. Kabiru left the NEW NIGERIA, GASIKIYA-TA-FI-KWABO to be specific in 1999 and transferred his service as a versatile reporter to B.B.C. Hausa Service with three other vibrant reporters.

He continued his work with the B.B.C. Hausa Service and he finally retired from there in 2007.

Kabiru Yayo Alli retired but he is never tired. He joined the Hausa publication of the DAILY TRUST Newspaper and also works with the LIBERTY RADIO and TELEVISION, Kaduna, where he sends his reports to, on the various activities in the South-West.

Comparing his versatility with his level of education, Kabiru said, his performance on the job was enhanced by the various training programmes organised by the NEW NIGERIA Newspapers and the B.B.C.

Kabiru is married with six children; two boys now in the University in Katsina State, and four girls, three of them already married remaining one who is still in school.

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