Veteran Nollywood actor, Kanayo O Kanayo has advised men and women to be hardworking as there is dignity in labour.

The veteran said this while reacting to the missing girls incident in Aba.

He wrote: “My Dear Friends, I Come to you with heavy heart because of this bad news  emanating from Aba. I ask myself, can you really advise these Gen z of this generation about friendship, there’s a lot of beautiful things happening on social media, especially Facebook, Internet, and other platforms.

How do you manage it, there’s this other time, I remember one Cynthia long time ago, who was invited from Abuja to Lagos and that was how it ended, the boyfriend she met for the first time.

Now we have Celine and Afiba from Ghana to Aba, Abia State, that’s not a good one and I don’t know how what they call runs or hook up etc and I quite understand about economic realities of the earth, but that can’t be equated to the cost of life.

There are human beings, who are preying all over the world, and they can do a lot of things, so those of you, who are making friends on Facebook, what’s your evaluation watchlist?

How do you begin to make these friends, what do they promise you? Make they come knack you for N100k, or N200k, what’s it, before you meet a Guy.

I’m talking to you as a family person, elder, father, brother. What’s it that worths all the Gold in your life, that you meet a Guy from Ghana, or Lagos  to Aba, what do you know about him? It pains  me because I have a daughter, and what will she be told, for her to leave Ghana or Lagos to meet a man in Aba, for what, and how much?

I agree that times are hard, what is it? hardwork is what it is, whether you like it or not, truth is bitter, I appreciate young women working hard for their money, selling hair, selling this, getting into one business or the other, than flexing around, going to see a man in Aba, or Portharcourt, then send you a ride.

For those of you, who are preying around as men, the law must catch up with you.

Be careful, wake up to responsibility, there’s dignity in Labour, there’s nothing like dignity of the ass, ass has no dignity.

Once again, mind your business and get some business from your intellect, it pays.”