Being kind goes beyond giving compliments to those around you, it starts with how you think and act towards others.

 Respect is the cornerstone of kindness, and can be demonstrated in small ways everyday. Making an effort to understand the perspectives of others, avoiding judgment, and striving for fairness are all essential traits that build a foundation of kindness.

One of the best and easiest ways to practice kindness is to focus on gratitude. Being mindful of the positive aspects of everyday situations can be a great way to look at life differently.

Appreciating small moments and things reminds us how lucky we are and often shifts our perspective towards looking for more moments throughout our day that we can be grateful for.

 Focusing on what you have rather than what is missing serves as an important reminder to be more kind because it allows us to realise how interconnected we all are.

Kindness does not have to come in the form of grandstanding gestures or words; it can be as simple as saying thank you and recognizing the effort people put for us. We can show appreciation in various ways – a smile, a small compliment, or even through body language.

Acknowledging others to let them know that their efforts have been noticed help builds positive relationships throughout every aspect of life and increases our sense of connection and wellbeing.

More importantly, practicing self-love and self-care allows us to become more accepting and understanding with others. Before you reach out to show kindness, begin by speaking kindly to yourself. If your inner dialogue is full of insults, criticism and self-doubt, replace it with encouragement, patience and understanding.

With practice, being kind to ourselves spreads outward in all areas of life. Once we learn how to love and be gentle with ourselves, it becomes easier to extend that same kindness towards others.