After being buried alive for 24 hours, a Nigerian man, identified as Young C, has been successfully exhumed.

This feat was announced on his Instagram account on Thursday afternoon, accompanied by the revelation that his TikTok account had been suspended.

Earlier, Young C had updated his Instagram account, reassuring his followers that he was still alive and in good condition, despite experiencing physical discomfort and running out of water.

Young C embarked on this challenge on Wednesday, announcing his intention to be buried alive for 24 hours and broadcasting live footage from the coffin at night.

Young C’s feat bears resemblance to a similar challenge undertaken by American YouTuber Mr. Beast (Jimmy Donaldson), who spent 50 hours buried alive two years ago to raise awareness about deforestation.

Recently, Mr. Beast attempted to surpass his record by spending 7 consecutive days buried in a coffin, overcoming physical and mental challenges before being exhumed.

He cautioned viewers against attempting similar stunts due to the inherent dangers involved.