Market women, who had initially accused Yoruba actress Lizzy Anjorin of stealing gold, have retracted their claims.

Lizzy Anjorin became one of the trending conversations online after she was allegedly caught stealing gold worth N91k at a Lagos Island market. It was reported that she made a fake transfer to acquire the jewelries.

A video circulating on social media shows some market people creating scene as they attacked the movie star of stealing. Lizzy was seen sitting in a store, attempting to defend herself. She was wearing a face mask.

Lizzy, however, addressed the allegations, stating that the incident involves an alleged unsuccessful transfer of N91,000 that she made to a seller of accessories on Tom Jones Street in the Idumota area of Lagos.

In a recent development, the market women retracted accusations against Lizzy Anjorin, describing her as their valued customer.

They went ahead to prove Lizzy’s innocence, revealing that they don’t sell gold in their store.