Mrs Ijeoma who claims to be the childhood friend of the famous actress, Mercy Johnson has fueled the allegations initiated by Angela Okorie, insisting that she is a witch.

This came following a rant from Angela, addressing Mercy as a witch which stirred a wave of reactions from fans and actors alike.

Weighing in on the issue, Mrs Ijeoma alleged that she was a childhood friend of the actress while sharing her experience that sealed the fact.

She revealed how she was once summoned by late Mercy’s mother who swapped their clothes and performed some fetish acts on them.

Mrs Ijeoma alleged that since the incident, she stopped getting favours while attending Nollywood auditions with her childhood friend.

While shedding tears, she claimed it took severe prayer sessions to scale through the weird spiritual dreams, and how she almost ran mad.

Ijeoma concluded by insisting Mercy Johnson’s mother was a witch who died before teaching her daughter everything she knew.

“Growing up, Mercy Johnson’s grandmother was a witch, she now transferred it to Mercy’s mother, she now transferred it to her. Mercy didn’t practice it while growing up even though they’ve initiated her,” she said in part.

Meanwhile, Mercy Johnson has broken her silence amid bold claims made about her by Angela Okorie and an alleged childhood friend.

In a post, the mother of four revealed that her daughter Divine’s birthday was at the top of her priority list Mercy Johnson also shared an adorable picture of the birthday celebrant as fans and colleagues celebrated Divine. 

The actress revealed that Divine’s birthday party was her major concern as she turned deaf to the witchcraft claims her colleague Angela Okorie made about her. 

“Party on my mind…. Rushing off because 4th May has to have mummy in it My baby is turning 4,” Mercy wrote.

In another development, Nollywood actress, Yvonne Jegede has also narrated her experience working with Mercy Johnson.

In a recent interview, Jegede spoke candidly about her experiences working with Mercy Johnson, claiming that the beloved actress is not as sweet and kind as she appears on screen.

According to Jegede, Mercy is known for her diva-like behaviour on set, often demanding special treatment and throwing tantrums when things are not going her way.

Jegede also alleged that Mercy has a reputation for being difficult to work with causing tension and drama among cast and crew members.