Nigerian media personality and actress, Moet Abebe, recently revealed her candid views on having sex on the first date, stating that she has no regrets about her past experiences. The revelation came during the latest episode of the ‘Bahd And Boujee’ podcast, which she co-hosts with reality star Tolanibaj.

In a direct exchange, Tolanibaj asked Moet, “Would you have sex on a first date?” Moet confidently responded, “Yes, why not? I have done it before. To be honest, I have no regrets. I don’t regret anything in my life. If I want you, I want you. And I’m also shameless.”

Beyond her openness about her personal choices, Moet also touched on issues affecting her friendships. She expressed frustration over female friends suspecting her of trying to attract their partners. “I hate when women who are close to me think I want to take their man,” she said.

Tolnibaj weighed in, suggesting that Moet’s physical appearance might contribute to these insecurities. “It’s because you are endowed. I can understand why they are insecure. Your backside is intimidating. But that is because they are also not sure of themselves,” she noted.

Moet Abebe’s forthrightness on the podcast highlights her unapologetic approach to life and relationships, sparking conversations about trust and confidence in friendships and romantic encounters.