The National Broadcasting Commission (NBC), in collaboration with the Centre for Media and Society (CEMESO) has organised a 4-day event for Community and Campus Radio broadcasters with the theme, “Strengthening Professionalism, Civic Engagement and Sustainability in Community Broadcasting”.

The workshop is scheduled to hold from Tuesday 14th to Wednesday 15th May 2024 for Community Radio broadcasters, while, Thursday 16th to  Friday 17th May 2024 will be for Campus Radio broadcasters respectively at Hawthorn Suites, Area 11, Garki, Abuja.

The workshop is aimed at strengthening professionalism, civic engagement, capacity building, as well as, revenue generation.

In her opening remarks, the Secretary  to the Commission, Mrs. Franca Aiyetan welcomed the attendees to the 2-day workshop.

She further gave an overview of the workshop series, while noting, that the workshop is intended to fill some gaps in the broadcast industry, in a bid to entrenching professionalism beginning with Community broadcasters who are the third tier in the broadcasting industry.

Addressing participants, Dr. Akin Akingbulu, the Executive Director, Centre for Media and Society, noted that the capacity building workshop is aimed at ensuring that community broadcasters are proper agents of democracy.

Encouraging broadcasters to embrace professionalism and deepen community engagements, Dr. Akingbulu expressed appreciation to the attendees and facilitators for being part of the programme, noting, that Community broadcasting continues to be an important aspect of the broadcast industry and the communities they serve.

Noting the challenges of building community broadcast stations, the Director Centre for Media and Society further highlighted the need for financial, social and institutional sustainability to enable these community stations build and address issues within their communities.

Speaking to heads of community broadcast stations, the Director General, National Broadcasting Commission, Mr. Charles Ebuebu, noted, that he was highly honoured to welcome participants to the significant two-day workshop which stands as a testament to a collective commitment in fostering excellence and innovation within community broadcasting.

He, further, highlighted the pivotal role community broadcasting plays in the society which includes creating a vital platform for communication, education, empowerment and amplifying the voices of local communities, as well as,  providing a conduit for dialogue and civic engagement.

Mr. Ebuebu also added, that the next two days, will present an opportunity to engage in thought-provoking discussions, share insights, and explore strategies to enhance professionalism, foster greater civic engagement, and ensure the sustainability of community broadcasting initiatives by harnessing the collective expertise and experiences of all participant, while charting a new course towards a more vibrant, inclusive and resilient broadcasting sector.

The Director General further expressed his heartfelt gratitude to the Centre for Media and Society (CEMESO), for its invaluable partnership in organizing this workshop. Adding, that their dedication to advancing media excellence and promoting democratic values was truly commendable, and the Commission is honored to collaborate with CEMESO.

In conclusion, Mr. Ebuebu encouraged all participants to be involved actively in the exchange of ideas, and forge meaningful connections that will not only enrich their own professional journey but also contribute to the collective advancement of community broadcasting as stakeholders work towards a future where community broadcasting thrives as a cornerstone of our democratic society.