Francis Ngannou has vowed to continue boxing after his devastating knock out defeat to Anthony Joshua and admits he was surprised by his opponent’s ‘timing’ during their fight.

Joshua delivered a brilliant performance in Saudi Arabia on Friday evening as he needed just two rounds to beat Ngannou.

The two-time heavyweight champion floored Ngannou three times during the fight and the former UFC heavyweight champion needed oxygen and attention from the ringside doctor after being on the receiving end of Joshua’s brutal knockout punch.

When asked how he felt after being knocked out by Joshua, Ngannou replied: ‘Sad, that’s how I’m feeling.’

Despite defeats to both Joshua and Tyson Fury on his record, Ngannou insists he will carry on boxing.

‘I think I can still do both,’ Ngannou said.

‘I’m going to take some time to rest, come back and make it.

‘I knew what I was doing was dangerous to come to the top of the game from my beginning and that’s what happened.’

When asked further what surprised him about Joshua, Ngannou said: ‘I think he got the right timing.

‘It was about the timing, mostly.’

Reacting to questions on if he intends to carry on boxing, Ngannou said: Absolutely, I think right now I have an obligation to continue, I think boxing owes me now and I intend to collect what it owes me.

‘I appreciate the support. As always, I will come back. This was a fall, I lost the battle tonight but the war is still on.

‘At the end of the day it’s a matter for me, I think the biggest victory for me is to continue fighting, and the defeat is not actually losing the fight, defeat would be like quitting or letting it get to you.’