A young Nigerian woman, Uzoma Chioma Asagwara has been sworn in as the minister of health and the deputy premier of the province of Manitoba, Canada.

Uzoma has become the first black person and woman to achieve this feat after having served her legislative tenure as the first black in that position in the province of Manitoba and Canada.

She was first sworn in as the first black person ever elected to the Legislature Assembly of Manitoba on 27 September 2019 as part of Manitoba’s New Democratic Party caucus before her new appointment.

Uzoma would serve under the 25th Premier of Manitoba and the First Nations Premier in Canada, Wab Kinew. His cabinet is said to be the most diverse in the history of Manitoba, Canada.

His 15-man cabinet has 7 women. Uzoma would not only serve as Manitoba’s minister of health but deputy to Wab Kinew.

Uzoma Chioma Asagwara hails from Abia state. She was born to parents from Olokoro Umuahia local government area.

She worked as a registered psychiatrist nurse, addiction specialist, and community advocate at the Governor of Manitoba.

She was also a former basketball player with the University of Winnipeg and the Canadian National Basketball team.

She was then elected as MLA for Union Station and served as the official opposition critic for health. As MLA, she passed a bill to recognize Somali Heritage Week.