After stating publicly that her husband’s impotency is the reason for her action, people have taken to different comment sections to express their displeasure on the actions of Oluwatoyin Olarewaju Tella aka Mummy G.O, who defended her action after DNA test result revealed that her husband was not the biological father of all her four children.

Oladeji Moshood wrote: “This woman is an idiot and a disgrace to womanhood, if she knows that her husband is impotent why then rejected the results of DNA test and insist that the children belong to her husband, how could an impotent be the father of her children as she insisted.”

Adepoju Adebowale wrote: “I just knew this was what she wanted to say when she said there’s a secret about d man she’s not willing to talk about openly. She’s a Total disgrace to womanhood.”

Adekoya Wasiu said: “Whoever advised on press conference had not helped you out, cos you had destroyed your dignity before the womenfolks.”

Kamoliat Muheeb opined: “That shouldn’t be enough reason to justify her evil act, she should have file for a divorce and remarry instead.”

What a shameless act.  Afolabi Suleiman

It will be recalled that a shocking case of infidelity and deception came to limelight in Osun State, where a woman, Tella Oluwatoyin Olanrewaju, gave birth to four children from different men while being married to Kolawole Olanrewaju.

The truth was revealed after a DNA test confirmed that none of the children, aged 16, 12, 8 and 5, were biologically related to their father. The couple, who are both choir members in a church in Ikoyi, Osun State, have been married for 17 years.

They appeared on a live radio program in Ibadan on Friday, November 3, 2023, to discuss the issue with the host, the woman confessed that she had affairs with different men, including a pastor, a teacher, a mechanic and a tailor, and that each of them fathered one of her children.

According to reports, the biological father of the eldest child has already claimed his paternity and the child has acknowledged him. The husband of the woman was devastated and broke down in tears on the show.

The story has gone viral on social media and has sparked outrage and sympathy from the public.

Defending her actions, while addressing the group of Journalists at Ikire, in Osun State, she stated that she married her husband since 2007, and later discovered that he can’t perform on the bed.

She spoke further that, she doesn’t want this secret to leak to their church members and the general public that’s the reason why she stepped outside to meet other men for sexual intercourse.

She also stated that the family should tell him to look for another woman and sleep with her to confirm what she said.

“Let him or his family get him another woman and sleep with her, and confirm what I said”, she said.