Veteran Yoruba Nollywood Actor, Afeez Oyetoro better known as Saka, has revealed how he balances his career as an actor and lecturer.

Afeez Oyetoro, who lectures in the Department of Theatre Arts at Adeniran Ogunsanya Collge of Education, Lagos State, Nigeria, said though he teaches and he is also involved in acting, he has been able to manage his time as “he uses the time some of his colleagues use at the beer parlor for other productive things”.

He also noted that most of the producers in Nigeria are aware of his status as a lecturer, hence many of his shootings take place on weekends or during the holidays.

Married to Olaide Oyetoro, Afeez noted that he has a very good wife who takes good care of him, as he always says “the best thing that can happen to a man is for him to get a wife who shares his vision”. In his words, their mutual agreement paves way for peaceful home environment, which allows him to pursue his struggles with peace of mind and find time to relax.

Addressing which career path is more gratifying for him, Afeez Oyetoro said both his acting and teaching careers are gratifying in different ways, adding that they are both similar too.

He said “as a teacher, I feel fulfilled because a lot of people have passed through me and that is a lifetime value. I have been in academics for almost 30 years. Recently, I went somewhere in Abuja to see someone I lectured and I was treated well. So, being a lecturer is rewarding though it might not necessarily be so financially. Being an actor is also rewarding financially and I enjoy it”.

Saka said he believes that both a teacher and an actor are the same because while a teacher is teaching in the class, an actor is teaching outside the class. In terms of reward, he noted that acting is financially more rewarding. However, teaching is more valued as he can count a number of people that have passed through him and are doing well.

In addition, the legend said he tries to move with time and remain relevant by following the current trends. He noted that he is active on social media platforms and that even if he would lose his relevance, following any negative trend was not an option for him.