Armed Fulani herdsmen have again stormed the Palace of the Olu of Ikoro and killed the King, a highly rated Yoruba Oba in Kogi State.

The Oba, General Olusegun Aremu (rtd) was killed in the late hours of Thursday in his Palace. His Olori was also assaulted and kidnapped. Ikoro is an ancient town in Kogi State located in Okunland.

The King, who was a retired soldier, had been one of the leading campaigners against Fulani incursion into Kogi State, especially Yoruba territories.

“We don’t understand what is going on except to say that this is a declaration of war by the Fulani against Yorubaland” Bode Akinola, a youth leader in Ikoro said.

He said the Oba was shot several times.

“They met him on his stool. They removed his crown. They asked him to go on his knees before they rained bullets on him. They took his wife away” Akinola said.

He added that Yoruba territories in Kogi have been invaded and take over by Fulani herdsmen to the extent that the people are now slaves in their own ancestral land

It will be recalled that two prominent traditional rulers in Ekiti, the Onimojo of Imojo and the Elesun of Esun were murdered last Monday.