“When I was coming into Nollywood, I had a major director who I will not mention his name. He looked at me and said, Why do you want to be an actor? How many albinos do you find as actors? It’s not a place for you to be”. Damilola Ogunsin said, in his opinion against discrimination in the Nollywood.

Damilola Ogunsin played the role of the notorious gangster, Ekun in the 2023 blockbuster movie, Gangs of Lagos.

In a recent interview with Hip TV, Damilola Ogunsin spoke about discrimination among moviemakers in Nollywood. According to the thespian, most Nollywood directors refused to work with him due to his complexion.

He mentioned that moviemakers preferred not to work with him because he was albino.

 “I have been doing theatre since primary school. I have been in the theatre group in my primary school, secondary school, my church, in my polytechnic in Ibadan, in University of Lagos, and everywhere.”

The ‘Gold Fish’, as he is fondly called, said he has always been passionate about theatre, stressing that he doesn’t think his “beautiful skin” is what is to stop him from achieving his dreams.

He said his determination to become an actor made him resign from his banking job and join Nollywood.

Reacting to this, many of his fans took to a Facebook post to appreciate his craft, most especially the role he played in the movie “Gangs of Lagos”.

“I see his complexion as advantage because his presence brought some diversity in ‘Gangs of Lagos’. It goes a long way in correcting stereotypes about people of his complexion. He was one of my favourites.”

“I noticed him when I watched him  in Ajoche. He is Soo neat and quite professional.”

“To me ,,,,if not him …..I don’t think anyone can play the  to my satisfaction …..I love watching him…..” They said.

Ogunsin said, “It has been six glorious years post-banking. And has it been easy? No. But what I try to do consistently, is to step out of the stereotype. I’m not trying to be known as the albino actor. I’m the actor who is an albino. That’s a different thing.”