Nigerian rapper and singer, Olamide Gbenga Adedeji, professionally known as, Olamide Baddo, has issued a stern warning to fellow artist Portable, urging him to show more respect and caution in his actions.

The message has stirred significant reactions among fans and followers of the Nigerian music scene.

Olamide, known for his straightforwardness, didn’t mince words in his tweet:

“Portable is becoming an irritant and he needs to use his head. I know he’s doing it to stay relevant but in this life, there are some limits you don’t cross. Too much of everything is bad. Davido isn’t his mate in all level and he doesn’t deserve the disrespect he’s getting from him.”

Portable, an emerging artist, has been making waves in the industry, often using controversial tactics to stay in the limelight. His recent actions, however, seem to have crossed a line for many, including Olamide, who felt compelled to address the situation publicly.

Olamide highlighted several key points in his tweet:

Relevance vs. Respect: While acknowledging Portable’s efforts to remain relevant, Olamide emphasized that there are boundaries that should not be crossed, implying that Portable’s antics are becoming more harmful than beneficial.

Excessive Behavior: Olamide warned against the dangers of excess, suggesting that Portable’s current path could lead to negative consequences if not checked.

Respect for Peers: The most striking part of Olamide’s message was his defense of Davido, a well-respected figure in the industry. Olamide made it clear that Davido deserves respect and should not be subjected to Portable’s disrespectful behavior.

The tweet quickly went viral, with fans and other artists weighing in. Many supported Olamide’s stance, praising him for calling out what they perceive as disruptive behavior. Others argued that Portable’s approach is simply a part of his unique brand and persona.