God, in His glory and majesty, is too big to praise Himself; His praise is in the mouth of His creatures. One of the things that move God the most is praise.

God’s most amazing manifestation in the Bible is spearheaded by praise. There’s nowhere in the Scripture where God was praised and heaven did not open. God waged serious war against the enemy of Israel when Israel praised Him.

Apostle Paul and Silas were in the prison with handcuffs but in the midnight, they began to praise God even in their disheartening state. Miraculously, heaven opened and there was a shake in the prison. Their handcuffs broke and the gate of the prison opened by itself.

We are actually in a world where nothing around man can motivate him to praise God. Life itself is an abode of problem and the country itself is not giving its citizens peace. We have things that we’re praying to God about and yet we haven’t received any answer. We’re tired at times and we feel like everything should end. We murmur at times to God and see His actions unfair.

You may look at your life and say to yourself “there’s no reason to thank Him” but if you see from another angle, you’ll see millions of reasons to thank Him. Have you ever thought about it? How God has been preserving you without your notice, how God has been feeding you to make you live even though you are wanted dead, how your health is not a problem to you.

This is the fact, when you thank God for what He has done, you’re showing Him reason to do another one. When you thank God for what He hasn’t done, you’re showing Him the reason to do it. God don’t do everything with prayer. If prayer is not working, try praise, it’s very powerful.

Prayer may be motivated by the reason of need or want, praise is an intentional act. The Bible says “give thanks to God for He’s good and His mercy endures forever”. If there’s no other reason, this is a big reason to praise Him.