Professor Bolaji Akinyemi, a Political Science expert and former Minister of External Affairs has said that he was impressed by the extensive network of contacts President Bola Tinubu has across Africa.

He said this while sharing some insights about the days when they fought to restore democracy in Nigeria under NADECO.

In a video shared, Prof. Akinyemi recalled instances during the NADECO days when Tinubu would call him and advise him to leave certain places immediately.  He said Tinubu always seemed to know potential dangers through his network of contacts.

He further stated that Tinubu’s ability yo create and maintain extensive network of contacts is a talent that will continue to benefit Nigeria.

“I would be in a place, then I will get a call and Tinubu will say, Prof. I think you better leave there latest tomorrow morning. And it would be when I get back to London that he would tell me what had been planned in that place through his contacts, he will know.

So, creating link is not new to our President and I am sure this country will benefit from his ability to create links.” He said.