Let’s bring down the noise that trailed NBC’s action on Channels regarding the outcome of the hosting of Datti by Okinbaloye.

Watching Seun Okinbaloye hosting Dino Melaye on the same platform some weeks back, we need to acknowledge the precarious situations anchors go through. For instance, Dino, in spite of his unexpected display of political maturity, almost went the Datti way at a point, and Okinbaloye struggled to ‘panel beat’ him into professional line. After all, if you cry against NBC, it is not a pat on the back that a company was punished through a programme platform.

Okinbaloye succeeded with Dino Melaye, professionally, but it all indicates we need to give some kudos to him for the unprofessional pressures he goes through hosting, very often, of smart and ‘out of the way’ guests.

Seun Okinbaloye has a degree in the Arts and Communication with experience in producing and presenting Broadcasting programmes, Political Journalism, Election reporting and production of political debate as well as managing media events and building brand awareness. He has a high-energy background in TV as a journalist and producer. His key skills are creating stories that communicate messages across all social and cultural environments, using new media platforms to tell stories and develop brand image for both business and community purposes.