Sometimes we say yes when we really wanted to say no, sometimes we dim our light in order to make other people comfortable. If this is something we do and we are not always comfortable doing it, then it’s about time we change.

When we realize how shining our authentic light can attract positive things into our lives then we get to know how important it is to be our authentic self.

Many people lack self-respect because they don’t believe that they are worthy of respect. They think that by dimming their light, they won’t draw attention to themselves and therefore be accepted by others. This lack of self-esteem can often lead to feelings of depression and low self-worth.

Shining your light is a powerful way to show yourself and the world that you are worthy of respect. When you accept and embrace who you are, it gives you permission to express your true self. By stepping into the spotlight with confidence, positivity, and authenticity, you have an opportunity to attract positive things into your life. Dancing in the light of your own power and beauty gives you the strength to follow your passions, manifest dreams, and face challenges with courage.

How hard can it be to embrace oneself and believe in the uniqueness of one’s being?

It can be hard to show your light when you’re not feeling your best, but having a sense of self-respect is an important part of finding the inner strength and confidence needed to shine. One way to show yourself some respect is to stop comparing yourself to others. Everyone’s individual strengths and weaknesses are unique and valuable; learning how to appreciate yourself for who you are is key. Additionally, take time out from the day-to-day grind and invest in activities that bring you joy. Whether it be sports, painting, or reading a good book – doing the things that make us feel alive helps us remember our gleaming light within.

Don’t be afraid to stand tall above all. You are with a unique fingerprint and you share your existence with just you.

For any reason don’t dim your light.