He talks news, breathes news and sleeps with news. Everything about him revolves around the news.

Cyril Stober, an ace newscaster on the Nigerian Television Authority (NTA) has been around for decades, pursuing his passion in his chosen career, broadcasting.

Listening to the NTA news at 9 everyday was always a wonderful moment for many families in Nigeria.

Cyril Stober, Journalist and on Air Media Personality with Nigerian Television Authority(NTA) is an indigene of Minna, in Niger State.

He graced our screens, informing generations with authentic eloquence. He has often been described as a wonderful voice at the Nigerian Television Authority (NTA) where he has held sway over the years as an eloquent newscaster.

‘I am Cyril Stober’. This sentence, always delivered in a cool, calm voice endeared many Nigerians to the veteran newscaster, Cyril Stober, as he delivers the primetime news or other broadcasts on Nigerian Television Authority.

Everybody admired the authority and eloquence with which Cyril Stober delivered the news. Many younger generation of journalists were inspired to pursue a career in journalism because of how impressive his use of phonetics was.

Accolades poured in from everywhere, including social media, with many affirming his legendary status. He was the number one trending topic on Twitter when the retirement was made public.

 In 2015, there was a rumor that he had retired, he surprised viewers as he was seen anchoring the news again. On 21 April 2019, Stober retired from Nigerian Broadcasting Authority.

The news of his retirement threw social media into a frenzy mood, making the media personality one of the trending topics on Twitter. Many people shared testimonies of growing up watching the man with his impressive and eloquent delivery.

Cyril Stober still anchors regular NTA network programming after his retirement as he is more of a Nigerian icon.