President Bola Ahmed Tinubu has raised concerns over the National Assembly’s persistent summoning of his appointees, warning that such actions could disrupt their primary duties and hinder service delivery to the public.

During a Ramadan fast-breaking event in Abuja on Wednesday, March 20, Tinubu emphasized the necessity of oversight in maintaining transparency and accountability in governance. However, he cautioned against excessive summoning of officials, stressing that it could impede their operations.

Tinubu urged lawmakers to exercise discretion in carrying

Tinubu urged lawmakers to exercise discretion in carrying out their oversight responsibilities, appealing for accommodation and understanding towards his appointees.

“I have observed various committees summoning ministers and agency heads. I have appealed to the Speaker to give the appointees some breathing space. Let them focus on their duties,” Tinubu stated.

While acknowledging the importance of legislative oversight, Tinubu underscored the need to consider the primary responsibilities of each agency and official. He urged lawmakers to find a balance between their oversight duties and the smooth functioning of government agencies.

Tinubu expressed confidence in the National Assembly’s ability to uphold good governance and lauded the collaborative efforts between the executive and legislative branches. He commended the swift approval of several bills aimed at improving the welfare of Nigerians.