Famous nollywood actress and filmmaker, Toyin Abraham’s open letter to her colleague and box office actress, Funke Akindele has sparked mixed reviews from Nigerians who believed the note was not genuine.

It will be recalled that Toyin Abraham penned an open letter whereby she called Nollywood fans to order for causing rift amongst celebrities.

Citing herself and Funke Akindele as a perfect example, Toyin Abraham claimed fans’ statement is the cause of their unnecessary fued.

She said Funke Akindele came to the cinema to break her already set records and she’s also aspiring to break the new ones set by the actress.

Funke Akindele who reacted to the post only prayed for Toyin Abraham’s success.

The lengthy Instagram post was perceived to be false by Nigerians who took to social media to air their opinions about it.

Many are of the opinion that Toyin is trying to bring attention to her supposed new movie while others claimed she’s just seeking attention, however there are a few who lovingly accepted her reconciliation post.

Tandsfashion house queried, “Who allocated the numbers though, who made who first and second, like who.”

Patslin wrote, “My own is when did Toyin became number 1 and who assigned those numbers or when has Funke started competing with her? Because the Funke Akindele we all know is her own competition oo so Aunty Toyin that competition is/ was in your head.

“I don’t think Aunty Funke ever gave any atom of competition but all well and good. We don’t owe you any post in December fine girl all post is strictly for FAAN movies,” African barbie J said.

That_girl_dazzles says, “Erm! The backhanded compliments in this write up.well! Happy Sunday everyone.”

Vilerecutie commented, “This doesn’t look like a complimentary post to me though!

But what do I know”

Misisdee wrote, “When did Funke say or agree she was in rivalry with her? You can celebrate people without making questionable assumptions”

There have been years of rivalry between the two screen goddess Toyin Abraham and FunkeAkindele. They have both dominated the TV screen for years back and they are still doing so.

Their alleged silent beef was established when they both chose the same date, September 10, 2021, to release their movies; ‘Ghost and the Tout Too’ in the cinemas and ‘Omo Ghetto the Saga’ on Netflix.

Iyabo Ojo further fueled the rivalry by calling out Funke days after the movies were released, for paying a popular movie citric to ruin Toyin’s movie.

However, the two ladies settled their differences as Toyin Abraham celebrated Funke on her birthday last year and she reciprocated.

Also, Toyin had attended Funke Akindele’s movie premiere, She Just Be Obeyed, which further shut down any rumors of animosity between the box office Queens.