As ideal as serving God is, it is very challenging. In our walk with God, there’s usually a time when our strength fades. There’s usually a time when our ability to tarry is weakened. There’s usually a time when the temptation is unbearable. There’s usually a time when we’ll think that God is unfair. There’s usually a time when we may probably decide to back off. At the time, it is usually tough and hard on us; Apostle Paul called it a thorn in the flesh.

Abraham, the father of faith had a time when he has to question God, he said to God: “If I die, is it my slave master that will inherit all I have?” Obviously, Abraham was frustrated due to his childlessness. Though he was a man of faith, yet he couldn’t see himself with a child again. Even when angels who came visiting him prophesied of his fruitfulness the second year, Sarah laughed in doubt of the prophecy. Though, they believe in God, however, their faith is frustrated and they couldn’t see it coming again. It is Abraham and Sarah that can tell the mockery and shame they endured, they only can tell of when they cried.

Job in the bible can tell of how hard the thorn was on his flesh being debased from a wealthy man to a pauper beggar. He can tell of how hard it is to live with serious sickness such as untreated sores on his skins yet he casted his faith on God. He told his wife: “can we receive good at the hand of God, and shall we not receive evil?” It was really a thorn on his flesh. I strongly believe that he’ll sleep with tears on his cheeks and wake up being lost in thought. I strongly believe that there are times when sleep will not even come on his eyes. Which will he think about? Is it the hurt of losing his children? Is it the hurt of losing his wife? Is it the hurt of losing his business? Is it the severe pain as a result of the sores on his skin? Which will he think about? Obviously, his heart will be filled with pains.

There’s someone reading this article now, weeping has being the order of the day. You’re in a kind of situation whereby you’re almost giving up on God. The affliction is much. The shame is becoming unbearable. The mockery is hard on you. Prayers seem unanswered. The Bible says, weeping may endured for a night but joy is coming in the morning.

The greatest news is that morning will soon dawn. The good news is that there’s certainty of a turn around. If Abraham could have a child, you’ll soon have your child. If God could restore Job in manifold, you’ll be restored and your business will come back to life. Your wedding is not too late, God is still doing wonders and your life will be a testimony.

Trust in God that though weeping may last only for a night; your joy is coming in the morning.