I believe so much that whatever you don’t know how it functions is what will frustrate you the most.

A daughter of mine once asked a question. She said “what’s your greatest mistake?” This is actually a mind blowing question. I replied without hesitation “I started many things with illiteracy”.

How do I mean? I started many things with less or no idea of how it works. This actually led me to some level of failures and frustrations. Things refused to work. Everything looks deem and darkness seems to surface the atmosphere. According to my philosophy of life, I believe that every problem has a root. And if any problem must be solved, we must look at the root.

During these odd times, Holy Spirit said to me: “Questions that you’re asking, the answers had been given to some people. Some put it together to form a book, some to form a course and some to make present it inform conference or seminar. All you have to do is to locate them and get the knowledge from them”. This is actually how the breakthrough began.

I stopped everything and began to search for knowledge. I enrolled in many courses, I attended seminars and conferences, I read books and use every possible means to get knowledge.

After attaining some level of knowledge, Holy Spirit then intervened and began to show me where I missed things. Oh my God! How little mistakes marred the whole thing. If I had learned before starting, these little mistakes wouldn’t have made me a failure.

I gathered myself again. I didn’t start with illiteracy, now, I have knowledge of how things work. It’s amazing, the results are awesome.

Now, I don’t believe in rush, I take my time to learn before implementing. The reason is because I have learnt that principles guide life. So, for you to succeed in life, you must learn those principles, and with the inclusion of prayers, it will be more glorious.

Some people may be in a situation as at present where frustration is discouraging them. This piece could be helpful. You may also be doing it with illiteracy. May God help you.