A middle aged woman from Song Local Government Area of Adamawa State, Mama Habiba Samanja, has reportedly finished secondary school at 59 years of age.

The woman who is usually referred to as mama, confirmed that she attended and graduated from LCCN Cathedral Memorial College Comprehensive, Yola on 9th August 2023. 

Samanja who is a cleaner at the LCCN Cathedral, said her reasons for going to school at old age is because she never got the chance to go to school as a child, saying her father never believed in girl-child education, and described it as a waste.

She said: “What touched me into going to school at my age was that since when I was a child, my dad refused me the privilege of going to school. He said he didn’t see the need for girls to go to school. So since then I kept nursing the desire to go to school one day.”

According to Samanja who has been a widow for many years, it is fulfilling to have experienced education in the classroom.

She said: “I now feel my my mind at rest. Whether the certificate is going to earn me a job or not, whether I’m going to use it for anything or not, all I feel is that I’m satisfied finally. I have finally attended the school.”