Nigerian gospel actor and founder of Mount Zion Faith Ministries, Mike Bamiloye, disclosed his concern about women being stingy with their bodies toward their husbands.

In a Facebook post, he pointed out that such women are pleasant in church and appear with smiles, but they are the direct opposite at home, adding that ‘they are not who they claim to be. ‘

His words: “Some married women in the Lord are fond of having their ways all the time. They never submit to their husbands. They never follow their husband. 

“They are beautiful to behold in beauty, they smile all the time, they stand beside their husband in the church, but they are not who they claim to be. 

“They are the direct opposite at home. Stubborn, rude, unbroken, disrespectful, and very stingy with their body to their husband. 

“They dictate their terms to give their husbands access to their body. They are hard at home, but soft in the church. Very unsubmissive and insensitive. May God Almighty deliver men from such “Sisters.”