This lady, Chiamaka, made public her GWR ambition few days ago. Unlike other noises, it’s very interesting to go through the genuineness of her ambition:

My name is Nwede Chiamaka Stellamaris, and I am a writer.

I am thrilled to announce I want to  participate in the upcoming Guinness record attempt for the longest writing marathon. With utmost dedication and passion, I aim to write non-stop for an incredible 150 hours, creating captivating content for children.


My goal is to set a new record for the longest continuous writing session dedicated to children’s literature. Through this extraordinary feat, I aspire to inspire young minds, ignite their imagination, and instill a love for reading.

In preparation for this momentous challenge, I have meticulously planned my approach. I have carefully selected a wide range of exciting topics that will engage and captivate children of various ages. By creating an outline for each piece, I will ensure a cohesive and well-structured collection of written work.

Recognizing the significance of delivering polished work, I have allocated specific time slots for editing. This will allow me to refine and enhance the quality of my writing, ensuring that each piece is of the highest standard.

With a deep passion for writing and an unwavering commitment to children’s literature, I am excited to embark on this remarkable journey. Through this Guinness record attempt, I hope to leave a lasting impact on young readers, encouraging them to explore the wonders of literature and nurturing their love for storytelling. I am ready to face this challenge head-on, pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the world of writing.

Together, let us embark on this extraordinary adventure and make history!