Even as Yomi Fabiyi tried to castigate topnotch actress, Jaiye Kuti, over her opinion on actors/actresses who beg for financial assistance, the woman’s position still stands tall.

Jaiye Kuti actually called out colleagues who have made it a trend to seek for help on social media platforms. Many of them have successfully done this. Many are still trying to make out a luck through this. For instance, Yoruba movie veterans like Iya Gbonkan, Pariolodo, Lalude, and Baba Alapini, among others, have recently asked for assistance from their fans to buy cars, build houses, etc.

Currently, in this process, Adewale Alebiosu is telling the world that: “My Role and Incantation as ‘Babalawo’ in movies affected me in real life . I have no Car And Never Buy Land Or Build House Fans I Need Your Help”.

The Actor is lamenting his poor state since he started acting and the challenges he faced after some incantation he made while on film’s roles.

The Actor is also begging Nollywood Yoruba movies fans to come to his rescue because the money he collected from movies role is small and after the role he used little money he collected to prevent himself as some think he is really a babalawo.

But Jaiye Kuti who spoke both in Yoruba and English has condemned this act in a video shared on her Instagram page last Saturday.

Jaiye Kuti criticised her colleagues who resort to begging for money from fans on social media platforms, stating that they should stop embarrassing her and her colleagues in the Yoruba film industry.

Jaiye implied that some veterans who have sought fan donations for money may have carelessly wasted their profits on meaningless and frivolous items when they were younger. As a result, their later years are now being negatively impacted by these financial decisions.

The 54-year-old added that the movie business has greatly influenced who she is now pleading with her coworkers to stop damaging their reputations as a group.

She said in part, “All the Yoruba actors coming on Instagram to beg should stop giving us bad names. This job doesn’t have a pension so when you are young and active, you need to prepare for the future.

“This job is a success for me because I earn big and I am already preparing for my future. You can’t make it compulsory for your colleague to give you money when you are sick.

“What is the business of TAMPAN with an actor that is sick? Someone has to speak up. When your colleagues were training their children, what were you doing with your money?”

Many actors, particularly veterans, have recently pleaded for money to take care of their families, health, and other obligations on social media platforms.