Antar Laniyan, a distinguished Nollywood veteran actor and accomplished film director, possesses extensive experience in the Nigerian film industry, discerning what is effective and what isn’t over the years.

He has experience in both the English- and Yoruba-speaking cultures, making him an excellent arbiter and analyst of the health of our film business.

Antar talks about himself, the business, and some hitherto unspoken-of secrets in a recent interview.

Speaking about his name “Antar” the actor said that his mother named him after a certain animal due to circumstances surrounding his birth.

“Although I am aware that Antar is an unusual name, Laniyan is not. A rival who vowed to marry a pregnant woman’s husband at all costs once existed.

This adversary tried all in his power to prevent my mother, who was pregnant, from giving birth to me. They uncovered some discoveries after I spent 18 months in my mother’s womb, and it turned out that my mother had to bribe this rival in order for me to survive.

She stated they had to search for a goanna when we reached my mother’s rival. The animal goanna is known as aworinwo in Yoruba, although regular Yorubas refer to goanna as “Antar.” They created a mixture for my mum using antar or goanna. After a few hours, I started breathing on my own, and my mother named me “Antar” after the animal.”

Speaking about his career, Laniyan noted that he likes that he find pleasure in what he does.

“God has been nice to me in my career decision, and I appreciate and find pleasure in what I do.

I am not nearly where I want to be financially. Many people think I’m successful because they watch me on television, but I know Antar is impoverished because of what I have in my wallet (laughs).”