Veteran Nollywood actor, Kenneth Okonkwo, has said that many men of God take advantage of the body of Christ to make money and gain benefits.

He shared his opinion about men of God and churches in general while reacting to the question if he is a man of God or not in a recent interview.

Okonkwo said that being a man of God entailed much responsibility which he did not believe he could handle hence, he will prefer to be addressed as a child of God rather than being called a man of God.

He emphasized on how the church has evolved into the devil’s headquarters and a permanent home for wicked actions.

“I do not believe that showcasing God must be done in a formal way. You showcase God by the way you live your life everyday  Jesus Christ did not tell you that He will  identify His follower by what they say.

“Don’t you think if all the people that are parading themselves as Christian in Nigeria are truly Christian, don’t you think we will not be having the problems we have today.

“The devil went to shop and bought King James Version of the Bible and headed to the church. You know the style of the devil? If I can not get them by or persecution, I will get them by compromise.

“One of the headquarters where the devil live very well is now most churches, you can quote me on that. Base on what I see, base on what I know base on the natural progression of the devil.” He said