Nigerian actor, Shoneye Olamilekan has urged his colleagues to apply the same energy used in posting tribute messages to the late Murphy Afolabi in his new movie.

Taking to his social media platform, Shoneye wondered about the coldness and quietness of his colleagues towards Murphy Afolabi’s project despite being dead.

The actor who claimed he is not one to seek attention or validation on social media accused Nollywood of not sharing the late actor’s work.

He politely taunted them for posting his shocking death on their social media pages but has not hastened to share his works, stating it costs nothing to promote his project.

In his words, “I’m not the type that would come to social media to seek attention or validation, but I feel that the last respect we can give to Murphy Afolabi is reposting his movie for massive awareness! At least we all posted him on our page when his death came to us as a shock, why not his movie? It costs us absolutely nothing. My take though.”

It will be recalled that Murphy Afolabi died on Sunday, the 14th of May, 2023, after he reportedly slipped on bathroom tiles and hit his head on a hard surface.